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Concerns in Sacramento Leave Door Open For Kings In Seattle

According to a report from the Maloof brothers, owners of the Sacramento Kings, have reportedly sent a letter to the City of Sacramento voicing concerns over the $391 million stadium project that would leave the Kings in Northern California.

That doesn't mean the plans are dead by any means, but it also opens the door a bit to a possible move to Seattle as well.

The problem according to sources is over who should pick up the pre-development costs, amongst other road blocks but likely wont be an issue:

"The long-standing position has been that the Sacramento Kings would be a tenant in an arena owned by the city and managed by an outside company," says Eric Rose, spokesperson for the Maloofs. "Pre-development costs are not the responsibility of the tenant. "

"the family looks forward to resolving unresolved issues with Sacramento. They still anticipate the city will get it done by 2015, but if it cannot be completed by that timeline, the Kings would be forced to explore all their options."

It's a long shot, but Seattle isn't out of it just yet. If these 'road blocks; keep piling up, frustration may boil over. But after all the hard work mayor Kevin Johnson has been putting in in Sacramento, I highly doubt they would go elsewhere.