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Great Moments In Ownage: Oregon Goes On 34-2 Run Against Utah

The Oregon Ducks closed out their regular season by hosting the Utah Utes on Saturday. The Ducks picked up the big win, nearly doubling the Utes with the final score of 94-48. Through much of the first half, however, it seemed as though the bloodbath would be much, much worse.

The Ducks scored the first seven points in the game before the Utes got on the board. Jason Washburn hit a jumper to narrow the gap to 7-2, but the Ducks then went on an absolutely hilarious roll that could more accurately be referred to as a mauling. The Utes only scored two points through the first 13:28 of play and the Ducks led by a score of 34-2 before Utah sunk their second field goal. The Utes somehow scored 14 points in the first half. The bad news for them is that the Ducks scored 52 in that time.

The 34-2 run is perhaps not surprising when a 22-8 team meets a 6-24 team, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious or awesome. The only team in the Pac-12 that performed worse this season were the USC Trojans, so at least the Utes have that going for them. Well that, and they're My Cousin Vinny's favorite team.

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