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Matt Flynn and His Decision to Come To Seattle

Matt Flynn's decision to sign in Seattle with the Seahawks had more than a few people scratching their heads, none more than maybe Dolphins' head coach Joe Philbin. Philbin, previously the offensive coordinator in Green Bay, where he was able to work closely with Matt Flynn over the last few years, apparently made a strong effort to bring his former backup QB to his new team, ostensibly to start. It didn't happen.

Said Philbin: "I think we made an aggressive push. We got him in here relatively quickly. Again, we had a great meeting. Matt and I had some conversations, a number of conversations prior to his arrival to Miami. We had some subsequent ones after. He'd probably be able to give you better answer as to why he chose to go elsewhere."

"Again, you need to ask Matt Flynn why he's in Seattle," Philbin said. "There's a myriad factors that go into why people make decisions about their own future, which is their prerogative. And clubs have their own prerogative as to how they are going to decide to move forward. And so again, it always takes two people to get a marriage and so I wish him well. He's a great young man. But he's better to ask why he's in Seattle."

Like Philbin said - it's pretty tough speculate why Flynn really would choose Seattle - a few thousand miles from home (Flynn's from Louisiana) and in a franchise where no starting job was being offered, instead of going to Miami and reuniting with the guy to run an offense he'd been learning for the past few seasons.

It either says a whole lot about Seattle, and how great the Seahawks organization is and the energy therein, or it says a whole lot about Miami, and the opposing perception.

Flynn's public take on his decision is such:

"I am close with Joe, I think a lot of him. I think he's gonna do a great job in Miami. I think he's gonna be a really successful head coach in the league. So when it came down to it, I just felt like [Seattle] was a better situation for me - I felt [the Seahawks are a] program that's really on the rise, doing the right thing, is being led by the right type of people."