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206 Clicks: Western Washington Basketball Plays In Division II Title Game On Saturday

  • It's difficult to get excited about Division II basketball, but when a team from your state is in the championship game it demands your attention. So if you are not doing anything at 10 a.m. on Saturday, tune in to CBS to watch the Western Washington Vikings take on Montevallo on national television in the NCAA Division II championship game. Here's a game recap from their victory over Stonehill in the semifinals on Thursday.
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  • Nicole Brodeur from the Seattle Times writes a column on a sport that I thought only existed on late-night DVD infomercials: Roller Derby. Are any of our readers Rat City Rollergirls fans?
  • Danny Kelly gives us the scoop on the Seahawks' latest rumblings in Free Agency at Field Gulls.
  • I'm sure Jeff Sullivan can't wait to start talking about games that matter...but he's been stellar in his spring training coverage this year. Here's his take on the current roster situation at Lookout Landing.
  • The Sounders women's team keeps on adding really really good players. This time it is Megan Rapione who played for the United States in the 2011 World Cup.
  • And last but not least, a little-self promotion for my profile piece on Seattle-native college basketball player Tim Diederichs. Diederichs, a graduate of Snohomish HS just finished his fifth and final season of college basketball. I chronicle his journey in this piece for my college newspaper, The Loyolan.
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