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Oregon, Michigan State Agree To Two Game Series In 2014-15

The Oregon Ducks want to play more marquee teams at home in Autzen Stadium. Recently the Ducks have had to go on the road to play these type of contests, losing to LSU in Dallas last season while blowing out Tennessee in Rocky Top the year before. On the flip side, Oregon will host Arkansas State, Fresno State and Tennessee Tech this year after hosting Nevada and Missouri State the year previous.

The Ducks want more marquee contests. They're about to start getting them. Rob Moseley has more.

The Ducks and Spartans are expected to face off for nonconference games in 2014 and 2015, getting a head start on a series of matchups between Pac-12 and Big Ten teams to begin in 2017. Oregon’s home-and-home series with the Spartans, and the annual nonconference game against a Big Ten team, will provide big-name flavor to a UO nonconference slate that was otherwise mostly devoid of such matchups for the next few seasons.

It's still too early to figure out what will happen, but it looks like Oregon and Michigan State will play in Eugene on September 13, 2014, and then the Ducks will travel to East Lansingthe year after.

Looks like this could be the first step in the process of upgrading the team's overall strength of schedule.

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