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Matt Flynn Speaks On His Arrival To Seattle

Matt Flynn is a Seattle Seahawk. But what are his feelings about arriving in town as the second-most sought after quarterback on the market? Well, Flynn spoke with Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore of 710 ESPN in Seattle to share those very feelings.

First and foremost, Flynn debunked any theories that he was guaranteed the starting job upon signing in Seattle.

"No, not at all. He promised me that there was going to be a good competition and I think one thing I respect about him is that he preaches competition and I think it brings the best out of everybody."

A lot of people around football had Flynn heading down South to join the Miami Dolphins. It did come down to the Dolphins and Seahawks but something told him to come to the Northwest.

"...I just felt like it was a better situation for me - I felt it's a program that's really on the rise, doing the right thing, is being led by the right type of people. And you look at it, I think it's the second youngest team in the NFL, and so there's a lot of talent everywhere and I think it's a team that in the very near future has a chance to be special."

Flynn also talks about what it was like playing behind Aaron Rodgers, the impact his monster performance against Detroit did for his free agency and his decision to throw for Seahawks management over the weekend.

Flynn is all in. Let the quarterback competition begin.