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WCC Tournament 2012: BYU vs University of San Diego

Game 5: 30 minutes after Game 4 - No. 3 BYU Cougars vs. No. 6 San Diego Toreros (ESPNU / ESPN3)

What to know: BYU's introduction into West Coast Conference play went as many suspected it would. It competed with the top teams for the most part and didn't have as many slip-ups in league play as everyone else would. They have one of the more efficient scoring forwards in the nation with senior Noah Hartsock who averages 16.8 points on 56.6% shooting. He should be back with a knee injury, and if he is, then this game shouldn't be much of a question. Freshmen UCLA transfer Matt Carlino is an impact guard whose numbers have steadily risen as the year has progressed.

Who is going to win: There is a pretty severe talent discrepancy in the league the farther you get down, and the Toreros are where it starts. BYU won both games against the Toreros by 19 points and 33 points. Now that we are in Las Vegas, this is essentially a road game for San Diego as the BYU faithful should be out in droves. That home crowd is going to make it near impossible for the Toreros to pull it off tonight.