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NCAA Tournament 2012: John Stockton Makes An Appearance At Gonzaga Vs. Ohio State Game [PHOTO]

John Stockton is one of the best point guards to ever play the game and he is a legend at Gonzaga. Bulldog fans are used to seeing him court side throughout the season, but Stockton made a special appearance to watch the game and his nephew while they took on Ohio State in the third round.

We have a photo of the Seattle and NBA legend. Check it out after the page jump...


That was surprisingly the first time the CBS camera crew showed him on Saturday. They can show Gisele Bundchen 30 times during the Super Bowl, but only once or twice for John Stockton? The city of Seattle demands answers.

As for the game, Gonzaga just tied it at 61-61 with just over three minutes left. It looks like we may have another buzzer beater on our hands.

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