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NCAA Bracket 2012: Full Tournament Results From The Round Of 64

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Friday saw the end of the 2012 NCAA Tournament's Round of 64 and there were close games and upsets abound -- upsets of the historic variety. After No. 2 Missouri Tigers were knocked off by No. 15 Norfolk St. -- only one of a handful of times such a thing has ever happened -- the No. 2 Duke Blue Devils were eliminated by No. 15 Lehigh. They were fall from the only top seeds to fall. No. 4 Michigan was stunned by the No. 13 Ohio Bobcats. No. 12 South Florida toppled No. 5 Temple. No. 11 N.C. State bested No. 6 San Diego State.

Long story short: it's chaos heading into the Round of 32 and it's never been more evident that truly anything can happen at the NCAA Tournament. Hope you foresaw all of this at home, because it's clear that no one's bracket is safe.

East Region:

No. 1 Syracuse def No. 16 UNC Asheville 73-49
No. 8 Kansas State def No. 9 Southern Miss 70-64
No. 5 Vanderbilt def No. 12 Harvard 79-70
No. 4 Wisconsin def No. 13 Montana 73-49
No. 2 Ohio State def No. 15 Loyola Maryland 78-59
No. 7 Gonzaga def No. 10 West Virginia 77-54
No. 3 Florida State def No. 14 St. Bonaventure 66-63
No. 6 Cincinnati def No. 11 Texas, 65-59

West Region:

No. 1 Michigan State def No. 16 Long Island 89-67
No. 9 Saint Louis def No. 8 Memphis 61-54
No. 5 New Mexico def No. 12 Long Beach State 75-68
No. 4 Louisville def No. 13 Davidson 69-62
No. 6 Murray State def No. 11 Colorado State 58-41

No. 3 Marquette def No. 14 BYU 88-68
No. 7 Florida def No. 10 Virginia 71-45
No. 15 Norfolk State vs No. 2 Missouri 86-84

South Region:

No. 1 Kentucky def No. 16 Western Kentucky 81-66
No. 8 Iowa State def No. 9 UConn 77-64
No. 12 VCU def No. 5 Wichita State 62-59
No. 4 Indiana def No. 13 New Mexico State 79-66
No. 11 Colorado def No. 6 UNLV 68-64
No. 3 Baylor def No. 14 South Dakota State 68-60
No. 10 Xavier def No. 7 Notre Dame 67-63
No. 15 Lehigh def No. 2 Duke 75-70

Midwest Region:

No. 1 North Carolina def Vermont 77-58
No. 8 Creighton def No. 9 Alabama 58-57
No. 12 South Florida def No. 5 Temple 58-44
No. 13 Ohio def No. 4 Michigan 65-60
No. 11 North Carolina State def No. 6 San Diego State 79-65
No. 2 Kansas def No. 15 Detroit 65-50
No. 10 Purdue def No. 7 St. Mary's 72-69
No. 3 Georgetown def No. 14 Belmont 74-59

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