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Nate McMillan, Blazers Parting Ways, According To Report

The Portland Trailblazers have finally seen their head coach become a casualty of his team's poor play. Nate McMillan appears to be on his way out.

McMillan has been successful in his last three seasons in Portland, leading them to three straight playoff appearances. However, they've lost in the first round all three years to Houston, Phoenix, and Dallas, and the team has fallen on pretty terrible luck with the injury issues of many of their players, particularly Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. Portland seems to have finally run out of luck as the team has been in free fall this year, as they're at 20-23 and falling all the way to 12th in the West. Also, the Blazers might be headed into rebuilding mode with the trades of Marcus Camby to Houston and Gerald Wallace to New Jersey, so there's no reason to keep McMillan around this year.

Wouldn't it be funny if Seattle gets a new basketball team and McMillan ends up becoming the new coach somehow?

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