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NCAA Basketball Tournament 2012 Predictions: Midwest Region First And Second Round Matchups

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Well, here we are; the last of the first-round predictions. Fittingly, the Midwest is last. Why is that fitting, you ask? Because the Midwest region has the absolute dumbest name of any of the other regions. There are four primary directions; North, West, East and South. We've got three of those, but instead of the North we end up with the Midwest? I mean, I understand that the mid-western United States is the Heartland of America and the Heartland of college basketball, but if we're going with geographic regions over directions, why not West, East, Midwest and Southeast? Or any other number of less arbitrary designations? Yeah, I know. Not exactly covering new ground. But man oh man is it dumb.

(1) North Carolina vs. (16) Lamar/Vermont

Catamounts is a bitchin' nickname so I'm picking them in the First Round game, but that's as far as they're getting because, you know.

(8) Creighton vs. (9) Alabama

Creighton will win this one because it just ain't fair that 'Bama would have two really good teams at the same time. And we all know fairness is paramount in college sports.

(5) Temple vs. (12) California/South Florida

The 5/12 matchup is notorious for producing upsets, so it seems like it's doubly unfair to force Temple to take on two teams at once. Still, the Owls should take this one.

(4) Michigan vs. (13) Ohio

If Ohio really wants to put a fright into the Wolverines, they'll dye their uniforms red and write "State" on them. Can't see that happening, so Michigan heads to the second round.

(6) San Diego State vs. (11) North Carolina State

There are a few games like this every season where I just assume all of the brackets have been mis-printed and the actual seeds are reversed. So with that in mind, I'm pick San Diego State for the big upset!

(3) Georgetown vs. (14) Belmont

Yeah this should be a close one.

(7) St. Mary's vs. (10) Purdue

Mid-majors are simultaneously under-and-over rated, and St. Mary's looks (to me) to have gotten the short end of that particular stick. I'm expecting them to win, and to do so without a whole lot of trouble, but you should keep in mind that I picked another team because their uniforms are purple

(2) Kansas vs. (15) Detroit

Wow I knew the Pistons were bad but I didn't know they were bad enough to be a 15 seed a-hur-hur-hur.

But no seriously, Kansas by 50.

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