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NCAA Bracket Predictions 2012: Obama, Dick Vitale, & Heidi Klum Offer Some Expert and Celebrity Picks

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If you got here because you Google searched "Obama Dick," well, I'm sorry to disappoint you - this is about college basketball. ("Obama, Dick Vitale" is probably searched on the internet less, let's be honest).

Let's be honest about something else - filling out tournament brackets can be a total crap-shoot. An expert could study and pore over thousands of college basketball games in one year, fill out his brackets, do pretty well, then the next year do the same thing and get beat by J-Lo. From expert to ... non-expert, you're probably looking around for the inside scoop and this is probably not the page you were looking for. Instead, I've linked to some expert and celebrity brackets, and almost all of them offer no analysis!!

(That's ok, we have all the analysis you need in our Tournament Bracket Predictions Stream where some of the time we actually tell you about the teams playing and why they might win! So, check that out.)

Then, check out the following people's brackets picks.

March Madness 2012
Dicky V picks Kentucky over North Carolina in his final bracket.

Obama's Final Four picks
The Commander-in-Chief goes with a Final Four of Kentucky, Ohio State, Missouri, UNC. See his full bracket on tomorrow's 9 a.m. SportsCenter.

Heidi Klum - Project Runway Host, Diet Coke Heart Truth Campaign Ambassador
The German former Supermodel made her pick, and I quote: "Syracuse! I think Orange is the hot color right now and I love Otto, their mascot." Probably better reason that many of our choices will have.

If You Want to Meet Kendra Wilkinson, Better Fill Out a Bracket
Find out how Kenny Smith, Jerry Rice, Kendra Wilkinson and Brooklyn Decker have filled out NCAA Tournament brackets as part of FanHouse's Bracket Challenge.

Seth Davis' 2010 NCAA bracket insight - Video -
SI bracketology expert Seth Davis breaks down the bracket and gives his sleeper, top matchup and Final Four pick for each region of the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

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Head over to our NCAA Predictions StoryStream to check out SBN Seattle's crack team of bracketologists' picks and game previews, because we know there's a ton of games to keep track of. Finally, if you haven't yet, head to SB Nation's Printable Bracket StoryStream to print one out for yourself.

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