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NCAA Basketball Tournament 2012 Predictions: All The Bracket Picking Resources You Need

If you want to win friends and influence people, you absolutely must have a good NCAA Tournament Bracket. Get all the scouting and recon on each region, right here.

Have you started thinking about filling out your March Madness bracket? It's that time of the year where office pools and bracket contests, that big promotion or impressing the girl, your honor and social standing, and possibly some money are all on the line. Don't worry, we're here to help. SB Nation's writers have hunkered down, done hours upon hours of research, and put together our own NCAA Tournament predictions. We'll take you through each and every game, all the way up to the Final Four and NCAA Championship. But first, let's just take a quick look around the old Interwebs to check out what some other experts are predicting.

Over at SB Nation, Bill Connelly has put together his bracket predictions, all the way through the Final Four and Championship game. Andrew Sharp has done the same, and you can find his predictions right here.

Stay with this StoryStream throughout the day as we put together our own picks. From Gonzaga and Xavier to Duke, we'll run down the entire bracket, picking winners along the way. Be sure to grab a printable bracket and start penciling in your own picks, as well. We'll also compile the experts' picks, from Dick Vitale to Jay Bilas and more, college basketball analysts everywhere have been submitting brackets throughout the day.

Stay with this NCAA Predictions StoryStream throughout the day as SBN Seattle's crack team of bracketologists give you their picks.

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Check back with our Selection Sunday/NCAA Bracket StoryStream throughout the day, and make sure you head over to SB Nation's Printable Bracket StoryStream to start making your picks.

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