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Washington Was Not In The Running For The Last NCAA Tournament Bids

As if the pain of missing out on an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament wasn't bad enough, it looks like the Washington Huskies weren't as close to getting one as one might expect. In fact, if there were six more spots in the tourney, the Huskies still would not have been invited to the tournament.

St. Bonaventure's win over Xavier in the Atlantic 10 tournament put a major wrench in the selection committee's plans. Xavier was a tournament team either way but the Bonnies weren't. They in turn stole a spot. But it wasn't from the Huskies. If Xavier would have won the A-10 tournament, the final spot in the tourney would have gone to a vote. The six teams up for selection? Drexel, Miami (Fla.), Oral Roberts, Seton Hall, Mississippi State and Nevada.

No sign of the Huskies.

NCAA interim vice president Greg Shaheen told a group of reporters on a conference call Sunday night that Washington's lack of top 50 wins and the Pac-12 tournament loss to Oregon State hurt the Huskies. Iona, BYU, Cal and South Florida were the last four teams to make the field.