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Peyton Manning Destination Up In the Air (No, that's not a metaphor for Denver)

We learned several things today. One, Peyton Manning has now visited, officially, the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals. Two, you should probably not believe anything beyond that.

Manning met with Arizona officials, ownership, and players today, but apparently no deal was reached. Then, the Denver Post reported that:

"Neither Denver or Arizona officials discussed contract during Manning's visit, on Peyton's orders. Manning let the Broncos and Cardinals know that he didn't want to talk money without his agent Tom Condon along."

Per that story,

Manning didn't want to bring his agent because he was more interested in other aspects of the organization. He wanted to become familiar with the people he would playing for. And the team's facility. As Manning was introduced to various people in the Broncos' headquarters, he always repeated the person's first name, and then said his full name. Like: "Nice to meet ya, Jim. I'm Peyton Manning." As if the person didn't know.

That's hilarious.

They also reported, curiously:

The Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks are out. Each team tried to get Manning to visit. He declined.

Crestfallen. Ok, so, as of about 5:30 PM, the Seahawks were OUT.

Until, about 7:00 PM, when he was BACK IN! Per Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. Huge smile!!

Contrary to an earlier report by the Denver Post, a team source with knowledge of the situation confirmed that Peyton Manning has not declined an invitation to visit with the Seattle Seahawks, which means the door remains open that the future Hall of Famer could expand his trips to include a possible visit to Seattle.

Alright (feeling good)!!

Until, about 8:43 PM:


.......................... //looks around ...............

But wait!

Okkkkaaaaaaaaaay. Here's the moral of the story. No one really knows what Peyton Manning is going to do. Well, people might know, but I don't know who to believe.

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