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New Seattle Arena May Be Further Away Than Suggested, According to Report

The prospect of having an NBA and/or NHL team in Seattle once again is an incredibly exciting thing for the entire Northwest, but unlike original reports, the plans to build a new sports arena aside Safeco Field may by further away than originally suggested.

ESPN 710’s Brock Huard has reported that sources close to the situation tell him that the process may not be as far along as people may think, and that there are some possible roadblocks from this becoming a reality.

Here’s Huard’s main argument:

First and foremost, according to my source, the possibility of the NBA returning back to Seattle is connected completely to Sacramento. There should be no false aspirations about Milwaukee or Memphis or New Orleans; the relocation plot is centered completely around the Sacramento Kings and their deadline looming March 1 for a new arena proposal.

That’s a big claim, because unlike Seattle a few years ago, the city of Sacramento is hell-bent on keeping the Kings where they are. The even sport an ex-NBA player as their mayor as well in Kevin Johnson, a very well respected NBA alum to say the least.

But ESPN’s Ric Bucher feels that the Kings might already be packing:

Huard also sites traffic issues on I-90 and the 520 Bridge and the ‘four hour rule’ in place in Seattle that states any event has to begin at least four hours after the other, meaning some logistical issues between the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, and a possible NBA and NHL team. But these are more inconveniences then hinderances.

But if the Kings fate is tied to Seattle, Seattle will do to Sacramento what Oklahoma City did to them.

Certainly are a lot of moving parts in this Arena situation, so make sure to follow this StoryStream to keep up with all the news.