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NBA Commissioner David Stern Seems Serious About Bringing Basketball Back To Seattle

There are many in Seattle and the surrounding areas that are desperate to bring an NBA team back to their city. As we all saw with the Sonics, there is plenty of interest in the city and many want to see a new arena built to move along the talks to have professional basketball back once again. According to this report, NBA Commissioner David Stern appears to be serious and genuine about bringing the league back to Seattle.

But for the first time since the SuperSonics left for Oklahoma City nearly four years ago, it appears that Stern is open to having a team return to the Emerald City.

"Everyone says to us, 'Well, would you consider going back?' Of course, if they have a building," Stern said during an interview with Brian T. Smith of The Salt Lake Tribune on Tuesday.

Smith, a beat reporter covering the Utah Jazz, told "The Kevin Calabro Show" on 710 ESPN Seattle that Stern seemed genuine with his comments.

"I was impressed by the tone of his voice and the honesty, and exactly what he said," Smith said.

Actions speak louder than words and this all may just be some smoke to get the Seattle media off him, but Stern would be an instrumental figure in bringing the NBA back to Seattle. It remains to be seen if he follows through, though.

As for you basketball fans in the area, write your congress representatives, support the NBA in any way possible and show up to rallies to build support. The fans will need to play a huge role if they hope to have a team back in their city.