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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Dogs, Dogs And More Dogs Highlight Preview Of Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is quite the event these days. Not only does it feature the two best teams in the National Football League, but it's also a day to eat, drink and celebrate.. For those of you not interested in the Giants or Patriots, there are always excellent commercials to watch. Fortunately for you, we have a preview of some of the better commercials that will be aired this Sunday.

We have a few videos after the jump. Check them out...

Everyone loves dogs. Most people love Star Wars. What does that mean? A bunch of dogs barking to the tune of Star Wars!

Here is another dog and Star Wars themed commercial.

Yay for cute dogs doing fun things! Be sure to check back with SB Nation Seattle on Super Bowl Sunday as we keep you in-the-know with complete game and commercials coverage. It should be a great day of football.