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Gary Payton Signs The F-Bomb On Basketball Card Of Himself, Michael Jordan

Gary Payton was never afraid to express himself on the hardwood and he was even more rambunctious off the court. While most athletes go with a simple, "Best Wishes" or something similar when signing a card for a fan, Payton took it to a different level. In a card with himself and Michael Jordan in the photo, the Seattle Sonics great wrote "F--- you!" when signing for a fan.

We have a link to the card after the page jump. Check it out!

Here is where you can find the card of MJ, Payton and the writing.

Pretty ... awesome? Uncalled for? Funny? You can be the judge of that. All I know is I miss watching The Glove play basketball on a nightly basis. Hopefully in the near future the National Basketball Association will return to Seattle, where the fan base is obviously hungry for a hoops team once again.