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Shawn Kemp Isn't Impressed With Blake Griffin, Thinks He Was A Better Dunker

Shawn Kemp used to put on a show back in the day with his high-flying dunks and had incredible bounce for a man of his size. While it seems like everyone in the NBA these days is trying to make a name for himself by dunking the ball, Blake Griffin has established himself as the premier dunker in the league. Do not tell that to Kemp, though, who isn't really all that impressed with Griffin and "Lob City".

We have a video interview from Kemp and a great quote after the jump. Check it out...

H/T: SLAM Magazine

"Some of those dunks they are doing aren't dunks, that's what you call 'slap ins'. A dunk is when you aggressively dunk the basketball and the rim bends. So, I guess the difference would be those are alley oops and what I was doing were tomahawks."

I really can't disagree with Kemp and personally do not find all that many of Griffin's dunks that impressive, especially when you consider he is 6'10 and usually gets his dunks by either cherry-picking down the court or on the fast break. He may be able to wow some viewers, but for my money, Kemp has a very valid argument here.