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SB Nation YouTube Coming Thursday, March 1st

With every passing day, SB Nation learns more and more about the Internet. First they discovered you could type words into it and make sentences. Those sentences became paragraphs, which eventually became articles, which eventually became stories, which eventually created blogs and helped build up communities. Thus the SB Nation foundation was laid.

Now it appears SB Nation has started to learn more about the Internet and recognized that people watch these things called videos as well. There's this place called YouTube where people share and gather those videos, and now SB Nation is going to be getting into the business of distributing video content as well.

Find out more about these projects after the jump.

Bomani Jones will be there. He's famous! He has a Twitter account. I'm not sure anyone else has one!

(via sbnation)

Also look out for

  • The Full Nelson -- Fresh stories from Amy K. Nelson.
  • Shutdown Fullback -- Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk will be getting together, saying things about the football things.
  • SB Nation The Floor -- Celebrated bloggers Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford team up with Erin Sharoni to deliver your daily dose of sports, pop culture and humor.
  • Team Reports -- News, unfiltered commentary and deep analysis on an individual team-by-team basis, from the experts in the SB Nation Network.