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NBA, NHL In Seattle: Sacramento Has Deal In Place To Keep NBA's Kings In Town

As the city of Sacramento jumps for joy with the news that there is a deal in place to keep the Sacramento Kings in town, the city of Seattle is dealt yet another blow in its quest to bring NBA basketball back to the city that was deserted when the former Sonics left to become the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson told the media in Orlando that the city, the Maloof Brothers and the NBA have agreed on the framework of a deal for a new entertainment and sports complex in their downtown.

Johnson added to the Sacramento Bee's Ryan Lillis, "It's game over." And ESPNLA's Arash Markazi tweeted about the most surprising element of the deal - the Maloofs agreeing to put up $70 million upfront for the new arena. Either way you look at it, it's another letdown for the city of Seattle.

Let the search for an NBA team continue...