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Mariners Scout Frank Mattox Dies at Age 49

Word is trickling in that Frank Mattox, one of the Mariners current scouts and former Director of Scouting, suddenly collapsed in Peoria, AZ and died last night.

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times is down in Spring Training and has what little details there are available on his blog.

Mariners Blog | Mariners pro scout Frank Mattox dies suddenly at age 49 | Seattle Times Newspaper

"Mariners' camp is in a bit of shock this morning after news that longtime scout Frank Mattox had passed away suddenly last night at age 49. Mattox was a former director of scouting and also director of player development for the team and was not suffering from any known illness. He had just returned yesterday from attending a family funeral in Virginia and was about to watch the Oscars on television when he apparently collapsed."