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NHL In Seattle: League Denies Report that Phoenix Coyotes Have Been Sold

Late Monday and early Tuesday, reports surfaced that said the NHL had sold the Phoenix Coyotes to Greg Jamison and that he would be keeping the beleaguered franchise in the desert. This hurts Seattle's chances of getting an NHL team to fill the possible arena that was proposed last week. Well, so far, the NHL is denying the claim the team has been sold. Per Chris Daniels of King-5 News:

The National Hockey League reiterated Tuesday that there is no deal to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix.
A source told KING5 Sports Monday night that Greg Jamison, a former San Jose Sharks executive and part owner, had reached an agreement in principle with the NHL to buy the team and keep it in Arizona.

"We are the owner of the team, and thus should know if and when we have a deal to sell the team," NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told KING 5 Tuesday.

"I have unequivocally denied (several times) that we have a deal with Jamison, (much less that the Board has approved him)," said Daly. "I hope it gets done with Jamison, but there is a long way between here and there."

It could just be a denial by the NHL until the deal gets officially approved, or I suppose it could be a falsified report that the team has been sold. We'll keep you updated as the details emerge.