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VIDEO: Tony Wroten Posterizes Arizona's Angelo Chol

Tony Wroten completed his dunk sweep over the Arizona schools after posterizing Arizona's Angelo Chol in the second half of Saturday's game. The Huskies beat Arizona 79-70 and stayed in first place in their final home game of the season.

Alaska Airlines Arena was electric after Wroten's fastbreak flush over Chol. His dunk was preceded earlier in the game by an equally electrifying dunk by his teammate Aziz N'Diaye in the first half.

Wroten's dunk came at the 8:57 mark in the second half and extended Washington's lead to eight points, 62-54, at that point in the game. Wroten finished the game with 22 points and nine rebounds.

Hit the 9:44 mark for Wroten's dunk:

(2-18-12) Washington Huskies vs. Arizona Wildcats Bball (via qbsacker5394)

Though impressive, Wroten's dunk on Chol probably does not match his poster over Arizona State's Jonathan Gilling. Here's that dunk again for your viewing pleasure if you care to compare:

Tony Wroten huge dunk vs Arizona State (via TheTanman2011)

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