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Seattle Arena To Be Located In SoDo Area South Of Safeco, Cost $500 Million

The wheels are turning toward Seattle having an NBA team again, and perhaps an NHL team to follow. Here are some of the main details. Thanks to the reporters Emily Heffter and Jennifer Sullivan from the Seattle Times and Nick Eaton of the Seattle PI for their in-depth reporters.

  • The Arena is to be located in the SoDo Area, which is the Industrial District located to the south of the city. SoDo is where both CenturyLink Field (home of the Seahawks) and SafeCo Field (home of the Mariners) are both located. The proposed project would be built to the south of both arenas.
  • Arena construction won't begin until the team has a new NBA squad ready to fill it. It's likely the team would move to Key Arena in the intermediary before setting up shop at the brand new project spearheaded by the city.
  • The project will cost half a billion, with 60% of the money coming from Chris Hansen and investors, the rest coming in the form of city bonds.

King's County has to be happy with themselves right now. They could potentially have FOUR major sports teams within a few blocks of each other in a couple of years serving the city of Seattle. That's as impressive as it gets.