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Seattle Arena Deal: Seahawks, Blazers Owner Paul Allen Releases Statement

Arena fever has hit Seattle hard today and Pete Carroll took to twitter, as he customarily does, to voice his support for the deal:

The more important figure in all of this though, at least when it comes to the Seahawks and their support or resistance to a deal like this, is Seahawks and Portland Blazers owner Paul Allen. Allen released a statement through the team a few minutes ago:

He obviously has to issue the caveat at the end, but it seems likely that Allen would be in favor of this move. He's a huge fan of the NBA - some say it's his true love, much more than the NFL and the Seahawks, and Allen has proven to be very loyal to the city of Seattle. It would seem that the Seahawks likely wouldn't resist such an Arena Deal plan, but the Mariners' likely stance is much more clouded.

As for the Sounders - they've already voiced their opinion, as Boyle also points out:

Just over an hour until the City will hold their press conference with a so-called 'major announcement' on a potential deal for a new arena. Stay tuned.

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