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NHL In Seattle: AHL Owner Interested In Hockey Team In Seattle

Don Levin, the owner of the AHL's Chicago Wolves, is interested in bringing an NHL team to the city of Seattle, according to multiple sources including Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk.

Levin told David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail that if hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen is successful in building a new arena in Seattle and rejoining the fan base with an NBA team, he'd seriously consider bringing an NHL franchise to the city as well:

"If he's successful, I'd be very happy to be involved," Levin said. "I told [Hansen] if he has something put together I would be interested."

Levin founded D.R.L. Enterprises, his Chicago-based company that takes part in a multitude of businesses including aircraft and medical equipment leasing, tobacco processing, sports products and even movie production.

One of the teams many people think could move to Seattle is the Phoenix Coyotes, who's lack of ownership and issues with the city of Glendale where the reside make them a feasible candidate. But in an email to The Globe, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said the Coyotes are not on the table for relocation to Seattle:

"None of those discussions occurred recently and none have involved the Phoenix Coyotes," Daly said.

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