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Seattle Arena Deal: Chris Hansen Background Details

Seattle has been dreaming of a big-time arena ever since they lost the Supersonics. Chris Hansen provides them that opportunity. Steve Miletich and Lynn Thompson of the Seattle Times reports on Hansen and gives more details on the hedge fund manager.

Hansen, dressed in a suit and an open-collared shirt, said he wants to recapture that feeling by translating his business success and making a significant personal investment, along with other investors, in a new arena and NBA team.

"This isn't about Chris Hansen," he said. "This is about an NBA team and a new arena."

Hansen said owning an NBA team is a dream he has had since college, and that this is the right "moment in time" to pursue it, despite having two young children and a growing business he started in 2008.

Hansen really is the type of guy who seems deeply invested in the city of Seattle. His backstory draws up the profile of a man who wants to do well by the city and give them new franchises that will keep one of the best cities in the world preoccupied with all four major sports.

The focus of this movement appears to be based on revitalizing the Sonics franchise, although the possibility of a hockey team as well does have a certain appeal. Hansen could become a galvanizing figure if he can deliver on his promises. Seattle has to feel pretty giddy at the thought of possibly getting their sports teams back.