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NBA In Seattle: Arena Backer To Reveal Plan In Thursday Press Conference

According to the Seattle Times and originally reported by Chris Daniels of King-5 News, Seattle may be getting news of a new stadium much sooner than later as Christopher Hansen, the wealthy San Franciscan who wants to build a new sports arena in Seattle, will unveil his proposal at a news conference Thursday, says to two city sources with knowledge of the situation.

Hansen, the 44-year-old hedge-fund manager declined to discuss the timing of his meeting with three Seattle City Council members on Wednesday, but did mention why he is in town:

"We're very close to announcing our offer to the city. That's why I'm here," Hansen told The Seattle Times.

He also told the Times he is 'reluctantly' stepping forward with his plans now because of the intense fervor and nation-wide buzz created from the speculation around his proposal, though the details of his plans are still widely unknown.

Per the PI, Hansen owns property south of Safeco Field,

"And has reportedly been developing a plan with the city and the NBA for a year. If Seattle were to get the Kings, the team could play at KeyArena - the Sonics' old home - on a temporary basis, until a new venue is finished. Before the Sonics even left for Oklahoma City, and became the Thunder, the NBA had declared KeyArena an unsuitable venue.

It's unclear if Thursday's news conference will answer whether Seattle will soon have a new NBA team, but Hansen and Mayor Mike McGinn have an announcement regarding a new sports complex, according to reports. The news conference is scheduled for 2 p.m."

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