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Seattle Sports Cast Episode #3: A Podcast About The Seahawks & Mariners. And Jeremy Lin, Obviously.

Like Seattle Sports? For instance, the Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, and some other sports too, the Cougars? Maybe? The Blazers? Sometimes. But mostly the Seahawks and Mariners? This is for you. Trust me.

Welcome to the Seattle SportsCast. It's a podcast. That I made. On it, I'm joined by Josh Lundgren, a seasoned pop culture podcaster, Mariners' expert/fan and trivia host, and Jacson Bevens, fellow writer at Field Gulls and former Mariners' blogger over at

The Seattle SportsCast is a podcast dedicated to the Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, some other sports, the Cougars? Maybe? The Blazers? Sometimes. The Sounders? A little? But mostly the Seahawks and Mariners, because that's what we love.

In this episode, we first talk about the Mariners and the start of spring training; which pitchers have the potential to break into the opening day lineup, which might break in later, and which hitters to keep an eye on in the next few weeks. We naturally get sidetracked with Linsanity for a brief while before getting back to the NFL - the Peyton Manning situation, some NFL Free Agents to keep and eye on for the Seahawks, and things of that nature.

Naturally, we finished up talking about near-full-frontal nudity in SBN advertising (Delocated ads). Give it a listen. Do it.

You can also subscribe and listen to it at iTunes! (it should be available soon. Ish)

Follow me on Twitter. Check out Jacson Bevens and Josh Lundgren on Twitter. Go to Field Gulls. Then go to Lookout Landing. Then go back to surfing the internet for porn.