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Is 'Think Big Sacramento' "Misguided?"

If any city understands the heartbreak of losing a professional basketball team it's Seattle, so any Seattle resident could understand the fear and frustration that Sacramento hoops fans must be going through at this time. They're potentially on the brink of losing their team and now there's talk that Seattle would be the recipient if that happens.

A group called Think Big Sacramento recently wrote a letter to Christopher Hansen, a wealthy investor that has been working behind the scenes to bring a new arena to Seattle so the NBA and potentially the NHL could find a new home here. In that letter, they weren't happy with Hansen one bit.

The letter, written by Jeremiah Jackson, starts off cordially enough but then gets right to the point, demanding, quote "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR KINGS." The rest of that letter can be read here, but what I wanted to point you to was a rebuttal, written by 710ESPN's Mike Salk, on what Christopher Hansen should say in reply.

Says Brock, as Hansen:

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for your letter, though I think you must have addressed it incorrectly. Are you sure you meant to send this to me? This letter seems to be for someone that is actively working to steal something from you.

I am not.

The Kings have been unable to secure funding for a new arena for the better part of six years and if the March 1 deadline passes without a new deal in place, the team is not going to stay in Sacramento. That deadline is coming, whether I have interest in building an arena in Seattle or not.

While I understand that you are frustrated by the team's ownership and their financial difficulties, I did not create them. The fact is, neither the city nor the ownership has been able to approve plans to build a new arena and without that arena, the team cannot be profitable enough to survive. The NBA and its commissioner are not going to allow that team to remain in a city with an aging arena and no hope of new funding.

That said, you raise some interesting, albeit foolish, points that I'd be happy to address....

The rest of the reply can and should be read, by you, here.