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NBA In Seattle: Sacramento Not Happy With Christopher Hansen

Christopher Hansen has been one of the primary advocates of trying to get an NBA team back to Seattle. Hansen is an interesting figure. Hansen is 44 years old and an enigmatic hedge-fund manager who is from Seattle and is ready to make an investment that would help bring Seattle back their basketball team.

Unfortunately, it appears that the movement would come at the cost of another franchise. Nick Eaton of the Seattle PI reports that the team Hansen is targeting is from the Sacramento Kings. You can guess how happy people in Sacramento are about these developments.

On behalf of the 99% of us who make up the wonderful mosaic that is the great City of Sacramento, we have one message for the top 1/10th of the 1% who is engaged in actions detrimental to our community:


It's easy to see how difficult it is. Why would Seattle try and rip away a basketball team from another city that loves their team just as much as they loved their Sonics? This can only play well.

To talk about the movement by Seattle to try and take the Kings with Sacramento fans, head on over to Sactown Royalty.