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Tony Wroten's Jam Against Arizona State An ESPN2 Dunk Of The Year Nominee

Wroten's dunk was quick, fast and powerful, all the makings of a dunk of the year candidate.

You see, in basketball, there are such things as defensive players. They are there to prevent the opposition from scoring. But also in basketball, there is such a thing as not caring that the defender is there and thus, providing kids all over the world with something to adorn their walls throughout their adolescence.

We call them ‘poster dunks.'

So thank you to the Washington Huskies' Tony Wroten for providing children everywhere with the gift that keeps on giving. For Wroten's exploits, ESPN2 has nominated him for its Dunk of the Year award. If you go to this link, you can vote for Wroten against other top dunks of the year across college basketball.

Here are the rules: Six of the most jaw-dropping dunks of the college hoops season will be posted each week for your vote. Cast your vote once per day for your favorite. The top two weekly vote-getters earn a spot in the Finals, so make sure to spread the word!

The Dunk of the Year will be featured March 26 during Dunks of the Year on ESPN 2.

Wroten is definitely a strong candidate. Guards dunking on big men are always a treat, the post-dunk reaction was great and it was left-handed, three qualities that always make for a great dunk.

So have at it folks!