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NBA In Seattle: Sacramento Columnist Says Seattle Unrealistic For Kings Relocation

Ailene Voisin, a columnist with The Sacramento Bee, told "The Kevin Calabro Show" on Monday that she thinks the owners of the Sacramento Kings are unlikely to move the team to Seattle if relocation becomes a possibility.

"The Maloofs really have no interest in going some place where they're going into an old building for a few years," Voisin said of Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof. "They're just not interested in that."

The Kings franchise would likely have to play in Key Arena while a new stadium was being built.

Voisin said that Anaheim, California has been mentioned by multiple people in the NBA and within the Kings organization as the most likely destination for the franchise if Sacramento can't get a deal done for a new arena by the March 1 deadline.

"If there's a building in Anaheim that's empty, there's also a lot of TV money in Anaheim that's sitting there," Voisin said. "FOX is looking for a deal, with the Lakers signing their big deal [worth at least $3 billion]. So I think I'm just convinced that right now, Anaheim is the threat to the Kings."

That would put three NBA franchises in Southern California and leave Portland and Golden State as the only two "northern" West Coast teams.

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