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NBA In Seattle: Is Forgiveness a Requisite?

Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times wants Seattle Sonics fans put their pride aside if they truly want to see the NBA return to the Northwest, because without 'villans' like David Stern, this whole process of trying to build a new stadium will never leave the ground.

Kelley knows how hurt Seattle was when the Sonics were ripped from them, but also understands that time heals all wounds, and some times you just have to move forward:

We remember how unrelenting Stern was in his praise for OKC and how unbending he was when he talked with Washington's politicians....

We remember how confident we were that U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman was going to rule in favor of Seattle... But that was then and this is now. A new predominantly privately financed sports arena in Sodo is a real possibility, and it is a necessary addition to Seattle's cultural geography... It's time to forgive and time to move on.

But Seattle may have to hurt another city, Sacramento, if they want their NBA back. But ripping the Kings from Sac-Town like the Sonics were from Seattle won't do anyone any good, though Kelley isn't as sympathetic:

The NBA has been trying to help Sacramento for six years. The league basically set up an embassy there, trying to lobby local governments in an effort to get a new arena built...Isn't nearly six years of failed lobbying enough?

Compare the league's commitment to Sacramento to its lack of effort in Seattle. Stern made two trips to Olympia, where he wasn't in the mood for compromise, and finally said "see ya" to the Legislature...We shouldn't feel too sorry for Sacramento. It has had more than enough chances to keep its team.

The stadium is building steam with politicians and regular folks as well, and it's going to take a combined effort from all if they want to bring the NBA back to Seattle, hurt feelings or not.

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