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Quick thoughts about the Seattle Seahawks' decimation of the Arizona Cardinals

An incredible game deserves some incredible discussion. Here are some more ideas on what exactly contributed to this phenomenal win.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

That performance by the Seahawks was reminiscent of Bill Belichick. Not only because the team blew the opponent out of the water, but also because a rabid 12th man fanbase kept calling for blood, a call which Pete Carroll was more than happy to answer. The win epitomized everything the new-look Seahawks should be going forward. And although the team definitely got lucky on many occasions, an incredible rate of efficiency had the Seahawks firing on all cylinders. So here's a few observations of things that contributed to the win that you may not have initially noticed.

The Backup DBs Got Game

Richard Sherman had arguably his best game as a pro today. Interestingly enough, he wasn't lined up on Larry Fitzgerald for most of the game. Yet, Fitzgerald only finished with one catch for two yards. Walter Thurmond did a heck of a job on the elite receiver in man coverage, and Malcom Smith/ Jeremy Lane performed admirably in nickel zone packages. Marcus Trufant and Leroy Hill getting injured may have been a blessing in disguise for this defense.

This Offensive Line Has Improved Leaps and Bounds

Remember when JR Sweezy and company were routinely getting torched by Cardinals' pass rushers in Week 1? Well, aside from a miscommunication that led to an early sack of Russell Wilson, the Offensive Line was on fire today. Despite facing the team with the highest blitzing percentage in the NFL, the Seahawks gave Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn mostly clean pockets all day, and also paved the way for not one, but TWO separate hundred yard rushers. Line play in this game was, for the most part, immaculate.

The Seahawks are not Selfish Players

Today's game exemplified this point more than any game all season. Every single Seahawk was blocking downfield on big plays- Russell Wilson escorted Marshawn Lynch to his first touchdown (to the chagrin of most fans), Sidney Rice helped Anthony McCoy on his 67 yard reception, and Golden Tate threw key blocks on runs throughout the day. Ultimately, it goes to show that all of these playmakers are willing to do the dirty work to help the team. Instead of diva superstars, the Seahawks have well-rounded, versatile players who are always willing to block for their teammates. This kind of chemistry is what builds dynasties, and it really makes one hope that Pete Carroll and John Schneider can resign as many of the current offensive weapons as possible down the road.

So enjoy the win, my fellow 12s. Today is a good day.