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NFL Picks, Week 14: NFL Before & After - Home Stretch Pants

Otto Greule Jr

There are four regular season weeks of football left. Which is an unreal fact of life.

Denver @ Oakland: The inevitable question this time of year is who lets off the pedal? Denver has a playoff spot all wrapped up, but is locked in a battle for seeding, so I expect them to continue throwing the ball and making key adjustments going forward. Oakland just doesn't have the class to compete. PICK: BRONCOS

Arizona @ Seattle: No Browner? Against the Cards, hopefully no problem. Since Week 1's loss, Russell Wilson has emerged, the Cards have withered like a dead vine in the desert sun, and the Cardinals QB situation has wasted one of footballs greatest weapons, Mr. Larry Fitzgerald.

Sunny upside to the Adderall debacle? Seattle has been very lucky with the health of their dynamic secondary, and the need for depth hasn't really become an issue yet. Basically, if Walter Thurmond, Jeremy Lane, and Byron Maxwell suck, it hasn't hurt us, but we still don't know what we have. Well, we're going to find out. Good week to take on this project. PICK: SEAHAWKS

St. Louis @ Buffalo: This is an interesting game for Seattle fans, for obvious reasons. As long as the Ram defense can contain the Bills rushing attack, they should be able to roll their momentum into a win. PICK: RAMS

Dallas @ Cincinnati: The Bengals are on a quite a roll, winning four straight games. They are a well balanced team. Dallas fans meanwhile, have been on a roller coaster of emotion this season. Ultimately, Dallas is just a mediocre football team, who loses to good teams and beats bad teams. Cincinnati, right now, is a good team. PICK: BENGALS

Kansas City @ Cleveland: After an incredibly emotional win last week (in which the NFL had no business whatsoever letting take place as scheduled), Kansas City is likely in for a tough time. Tragedies have emotional tolls. Going on the road to a surprisingly frisky Browns team is not a recipe for success. I sincerely wish anyone touched by the events of last week peace and grace, and hope we all can remember that there are bigger things than wins, losses and playoffs. PICK: BROWNS

Tennessee @ Indianapolis: 8-4? The Colts are winning games with blood, sweat and guts these days. The Titans on the other hand are not. Winning games that is. PICK: COLTS

Chicago @ Minnesota: Just two weeks ago, the Bears disposed of the Vikings pretty handily. They'll probably win again, but it'll be interesting to see the effect playing the Seahawks has on a team. Lost in the miracle that is Russell Wilson was the fact that Seattle punished the Bears physically, especially the defense. If Christian Ponder were one of probably 25 other quarterbacks, I'd like Minny here. PICK: BEARS

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay: I'm wondering if the Eagles or the Phillies will win the next game. With TB, Cincy, the Redskins and the Giants on the schedule, I think the safer bet is the Phillies. PICK: BUCS

Baltimore @ Washington: Baltimore feels a little bit like a house of cards ready to fall. Washington might run for like a zillion yards against them this week. Are they the worst 9-3 team ever? PICK: REDSKINS

Atlanta @ Carolina: Falcons need to avoid coasting into the playoffs. Keep it pinned to the floor Atlanta. PICK: FALCONS

NY Jets @ Jacksonville: Officially Worst Game Ever of the Week. The Jets are probably better than I think, but my opinion is eroded by my hate for Rex Ryan's teeth. And words. And football team. PICK: sigh, JETS

San Diego @ Pittsburgh: Big Ben supposedly "heading in the right direction", and he obviously vastly improves the Steelers chances of winning. Even without him, San Diego is so flaccid (yup!), I can't pick them. PICK: STEELERS

Miami @ San Francisco: Miami's only hope is to try and ... they don't have any hope. PICK: 49ers

New Orleans @ NY Giants: The Giants have been so inconsistent this year, except on defense, where they've been fairly underwhelming. They probably win this game, since it's at home, but only because the Saint's have cooled significantly. PICK: GIANTS

Detroit @ Green Bay: While I'd love to see a Detroit win in this one, it's not going to happen. PICK: PACKERS

Houston @ New England: see Dinger, Hum. I gotta go with New England, just because they don't ever lose big games late in the regular season. However, this is as close to a pick'em I could imagine. PICK: PATRIOTS