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Final 2012 BCS rankings: Oregon, Oregon State both move up

The Ducks improved to No. 4 ahead of their Fiesta Bowl match-up with No. 5 Kansas Sate while Oregon State bumped up to No. 13 before the Alamo Bowl against No. 23 Texas.

Steve Dykes

The Oregon Ducks were idle this weekend. Thanks to a loss to a regular season loss to the Stanford Cardinal, they weren't playing in the Pac-12 Championship and watched the very same Cardinal beat the UCLA Bruins for a trip to the Rose Bowl. Still, Oregon's consolation prize isn't bad: they moved up to No. 4 in the BCS and will be playing the No. 5 Kansas St. Wildcats in the Fiesta Bowl. Oregon's only other appearance came in 2002 when they beat the Colorado Buffaloes 38-16.

The guys at Addicted to Quack are looking forward to a match-up they were supposed to get at the beginning of the season.

I'm sure there is going to be plenty to talk about regarding this game considering KSU backed out on a game against Oregon this year, just a few weeks ago it looked like both these teams destined to play in the National Championship and there are a couple of interesting relationships personnel wise.

Meanwhile, the Oregon State Beavers did have one final task last weekend: a make-up game with Nicholls State after their opener was cancelled because of hurricane concerns. The Beavers trounced the Colonels 77-3 and moved up two spots in the BCS rankings to No. 13 ahead of their Alamo Bowl match-up with the No. 23 Texas Longhorns.