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Texas vs. Oregon State score update: Beavers lead Longhorns 20-10 at halftime

Oregon State separated themselves from Texas with a touchdown late in the second quarter, sending the Beavers into halftime with a 20-10 edge.


Behind 116 yards of rushing in the first half, the Oregon State Beavers lead the Texas Longhorns at 20-10 at halftime in the Valero Alamo Bowl on Saturday.

The Beavers and Longhorns exchanged scoring for the most part, trading field goals and rushing touchdowns that had the game tied at 10. Oregon State, though, forced the Longhorns into punting on their final two drives in the first half, allowing the Beavers to extend and hold onto their ten point lead.

Meanwhile, the Longhorns have struggled mightily against the Beavers' stout defense and their lone touchdown comes off a reverse that went for 64 yards and the touchdown. Other then that, Texas's offense has been unable to move the ball.

Neither team is having success in the passing game, instead relying on the ground game for scoring and maintaining drives. Fortunately for the Beavers, they have running back Storm Woods, who rushed for nearly 100 yards in the first half while scoring one touchdown and setting up the other.

Everything didn't go as planned for Oregon State, though, as clock mismanagement late in the first half cost the team a chance at a field goal opportunity.