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NFL Picks, Week 17: Off into the sunset

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go, one last time. What a crazy season, and it ends with the Hawks going off like Ryan Gosling at the end of Drive, when he just decides to obliterate everything. I actually heard someone blame all of the injured receivers the 9ers have right now as a reason Seattle won that game so handily.

Um, those guys were perfectly healthy at kickoff.

Alright, 149-72-1 on the season. Picks, don't fail me know.

St. Louis @ Seattle: The Seahawks have gone where few other teams have: I'd have to be drunk (like really really drunk) to pick against them. Pick'em till they lose status. PICK: HAWKS

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta: Here is the epitome of the Week 17 rub. Tampa Bay has lost their mojo, but the Falcons literally can't improve or damage their situation, no matter, what. I find it very unlikely Ryan, White and Turner see a full game. Sprinkle in a little division pride, and I think the Bucs pull it out. PICK: BUCS

NY Jets @ Buffalo: Someone's skid is coming to an inglorious end. I'm thinking it'll be the home team, who's not in a self delusional tailspin. Did Rex Ryan really dare impeach Tebow's integrity? I'm not sure where Rex Ryan ends up next year, but I'm thinking on the Jets' sideline is minimalistic possibility. PICK: BILLS

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: Guess which team has less (read: nothing) to play for? It's not the Bengals. PICK: RAVENS

Chicago @ Detroit: Chicago has a good chance, needing a victory and a Vikings loss to the Packers in Green Bay. But they have to take care of business, and trusting this team to get a job done is a dicey proposition. Ultimately, I think they're too talented to fail here, but I won't be surprised if the Lions kick them in the teeth. PICK: BEARS

Jacksonville @ Tennessee: These are a couple of bad teams, but I think Tennessee is somewhat less bad. PICK: TITANS

Houston @ Indianapolis: Indy is more likely to rest players, as Houston needs a win to sew up home field through the playoffs. I think they'll win handily. It's just a feeling I have, but I did just eat have a large pizza. PICK: TEXANS

Carolina @ New Orleans: Lots of pride on the line here, I guess. I like Carolina quite a bit, and think they are going to shape things up and really contend in the near future. But I don't trust their petulant quarterback to bring it, all professional-like this weekend. PICK: SAINTS

Philadelphia @ NY Giants: I think Philly is maybe the only team I'd take the Giants over. It's almost over Eagle fans, almost. PICK: GIANTS

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: The wheels have come off and run away from the Steelers. Dissension, turnovers, no rushing game; a lot of things not normally associated with Pittsburgh. Cleveland beat them on the road in week 12, but without Big Ben. I think this is honestly a coin flip. PICK: STEELERS

Oakland @ San Diego: I had hopes for you once upon a week, Raiders. Not high hopes mind you, but hopes. Try and find some football players this offseason. PICK: CHARGERS

Arizona @ San Francisco: Did the Seahawks leave the 49ers a little jumpy, maybe scared of their own shadow a little bit? I doubt it. The Seahawks victory really needs to be framed in the context of just how good SF is: as in one of the best teams the NFL has seen in a few years. They are really good, and I wouldn't be super excited to see them again in the playoffs. Too much for Arizona. PICK: 49ERS

Green Bay @ Minnesota: This should be a pretty decent game. I think home field ultimately makes the difference, but AP should be really fun to watch. PICK: PACKERS

Miami @ New England: Despite their performance the last two weeks, the Patriots just don't drop these games at this point in the season. PICK: PATRIOTS

Kansas City @ Denver: Denver will know come game time if they have a chance at the top seed. If they do, this will be a blowout. But if they decide to take their foot off the pedal, Kansas City just miiiiiigggghhhtttt....PICK: BRONCOS

Dallas @ Washington: I know everyone laments the overwrought coverage of the Cowboys, but this is a simply enormous game. Winner in, loser out. RGIII is still in fine form, but Romo has quietly been outside of his mind recently. I think the Cowboys have just enough in the chops department to get this one done. PICK: COWBOYS