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2012 college bowl game schedule: Holiday Bowl the Thursday showcase

There are three bowl games that take place on Thursday, including the Military Bowl, the Belk Bowl and the Holiday Bowl.


There are three bowl games coming up this Thursday, with two of them featuring West Coast teams. Here are some basics on each of these teams.

The day starts out with the Military Bowl in Washington D.C., where Bowling Green takes on San Jose State. Bowling Green finished 8-4 in the MAC, while San Jose State finished 10-2 overall and managed a second place finish in the WAC.

Next up is the Belk Bowl, where Cincinnati battles Duke. Cincinnati managed a solid 9-3 season in the Big East, while Duke just got into a bowl game with a 6-6 season.

Finally, it's the Holiday Bowl, which features Pac-12 South champion UCLA taking on Baylor. The Bruins were right on the cusp of a Rose Bowl in the Pac-12 Championship game, but eventually fell to Stanford in Palo Alto. They'll take on Baylor, one of a host of Big 12 teams to finish 7-5.