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Still no word on Richard Sherman's suspension, but Seahawks prepared regardless

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Seahawks await verdict on DB's PED appeal, but aren't letting it limit preparation for Rams game.


Richard Sherman's mom must be proud, because her son is getting a lot of coverage in the news today. Between his Pro Bowl snub, and waiting to hear the result of his suspension appeal, Sherman's name is all over the "Interwebs."

Wednesday, the Seahawks began their on-field preparation for the St. Louis Rams, and they did so by changing up their practice reps for defensive backs in case Sherman's appeal is denied, reports the Seattle Times.

"We don't know what's going to happen," Carroll said, "so we're not going to go blindly into it so we are going to get our guys in the rotation a little differently. It won't change much, though."

Sherman on Wednesday said that if his appeal is denied, he would possibly pursue legal action against the NFL. However, whatever action Sherman takes against the league wouldn't allow for another delay of the suspension, as his current appeal has. Here is what Sherman had to say:

"I can't get back playing regardless, I could just sue the league, and that's what I'll probably attempt to do if they suspend me," he said. ". . . I'll take it to a neutral court, because in a neutral court the playing field is even, and we'd win easily.

"I'll definitely look into it, but hopefully they'll just do the right thing and the truth will come out, and I'll still be playing next week."

The Seahawks conclude their regular season at home against the Rams on Sunday.