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12th man locker room speech

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Every poorly written speech begins with a word being defined. This time around, that word is "triumph".

These guys were both money today
These guys were both money today
David Banks


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Triumph as "A great victory or acheivement."

But friends, a word cannot encapsulate what happened today. Words didn't lose close game after close game on the road. Words didn't make play after play today, carrying our hometown team to victory. Words themselves don't carry tears down your cheeks; they don't toss your kids joyfully into the air. Words are just sounds you make with your mouth.

Coming into today's game against the favored Bears, there were few outside of Seattle that gave the Hawks better than an outside chance at winning a division after the loss last week. Playing in Chicago? So tough. There was little chance the Seahawks would win this game; our corners are both off their meds, and there's just no way to tell how Russell Wilson will play against a defense that is so adept at causing turnovers.

"NO!" We said.

We will bitch and moan via twitter and text to each other at every bad call! No one will tell us what to do! No one will tell our team what they can do either!

Did we turn off our TV's when Braylon's would be touchdown was overturned despite some fairly inconclusive evidence? HELL NO!

Did we boot up our video game systems for a redemptive game of Madden when Breno Giacomini was called for a holding penalty that negated a first down on what we knew would likely be the game winning drive? HELL NO!

We taped our eye balls open and watched Wilson toss a conversion on fourth down, then follow it up with a flashy touchdown pass to Golden Tate. We jumped for joy as Seattle took a lead with only 24 seconds left, we wept together as Jay Cutler promptly drove Chicago down the field for a tying field goal as time expired.

We all waited silently, waiting not just to find out if one of the most important plays this year would stand as a game winning touchdown, but also to find out if one of our most important players would be able to get up from a brutal hit to his helmet.

And lastly, we all rejoiced as everything turned out okay. This was a fantastic win, and after all the close losses on the road this year, a much needed one for us, the fans.

I want to thank everyone that came out on Twitter, Facebook, the game threads, and even those that texted or called each other during the game. Cosmically speaking, there must be some small way in which our collective energy helps the team on the road.

It was a great game, with some real bogus calls by what looked like some terribly inconsistent referees, but our team came out on top.

With that being said I want to hand out a game ball to a very special little guy, I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about... Get up here Russell! You little son of a bitch!

The Seahawks used Russell Wilson's arm today as much as they have in any game this season; he threw the ball 37 times. As he has done all season long, Russ showed the world that he was up to the task, completing 23 of those for almost 300 yards. No interceptions, the fifth time he's thrown zero picks in his last seven contests. This guy can take a game over, and looks poised to lead this team to great heights, if not this year, next year and beyond.

I want to close with a few words here.

"Victory. Success. Prevail."

These are words. Words are dumb. Let the emotion run through you friends, do not hold back.


I am Luke, share your next Seahawks game with me on Twitter @MyHawkSoFly