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Replacement Ref still under fire for Seahawks-Packers call

Three months after making a controversial call to end a Packers-Seahawks game, former replacement ref Lance Easley has quit refereeing all together. Easley received death threats following a touchdown call on September 24, which gave Seattle a 14-12 win over Green Bay.

Otto Greule Jr

One of the signature moments of the entire 2012 NFL season came on September 24, when replacement referees awarded a last-second, Hail Mary touchdown to the Seattle Seahawks. It gave Seattle a controversial 14-12 win over Green Bay, and in the process ended the refereeing career of Lance Easley, the man who made the call.

Easley's wife Corina described the situation recently. Here was her take, via the Seattle Times:

The next morning, two unfamiliar cars were parked outside the Easleys' home. They belonged to reporters, and they soon wouldn't be alone. Corina drew the shades and locked the doors. An NFL security official called, saying that Corina should prepare for threats.

"I have never experienced this type of fear," Corina says.

Following the controversial call -- which came in front of a national TV audience on Monday Night Football -- the NFL removed the replacement refs, and eventually replaced them with the regular referees.

But while the NFL was able to move on, Easley hasn't been so lucky.

He has quit refereeing both high school football and basketball in his native California.