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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll hopes to finally find success vs. 49ers, Jim Harbaugh

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh have a history that goes back to their college days and so far has favored the latter, but Caroll is hoping to tilt things his way on Sunday.

Stephen Brashear

Back in 2009, Pete Carroll saw his USC Trojans not only upset by Jim Harbaugh's Stanford Cardinal, but dominated in a 55-21 game. This Sunday, however, Pete Caroll may be looking for his own kind of retribution in the form of success, writes Monte Poole of the San Jose Mercury News.

With Stanford, Jim Harbaugh defeated Pete Caroll's USC Trojans twice in three attempts and sent Caroll, for a variety of reasons, back to the NFL. Harbaugh wasn't far behind, landing San Francisco's head coaching job soon after. His success against Caroll has translated, too.

It will be a familiar setting for the two, leading their respective teams on national television in the prime-time slot, making it the game of the week and perhaps no different from their collegiate days.

This Sunday, Caroll will be leading his Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers, where a win would help the Seahawks make their way back into the playoffs.