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Playground bully, Pete Carroll, steals the Buffalo Bills' lollipop

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Marshawn Lynch was largely overshadowed despite an incredibly impressive 113 yards on only 10 carries. THANKS RUSSELL. GOSH

Rick Stewart

Deep Thoughts

First thought, Russell Wilson is going to win the rookie of the year award.

Second thought, the Seahawks are playing an amazing brand of football right now; one in which a previously unheralded offense is making a pretty good defense look like "the problem" at times, despite allowing the second fewest points per game in the league.

Russell Wilson looked great; he made guys miss both in the pocket and in the open field, took advantage of gaping holes on designed runs, and found receivers down-field for large gains.

Meet ROY

Talking about Russell week after week will eventually get boring, but it's just so hard to stop when he continues to shine like this. He made generally good decisions in the passing game and continued to take advantage of opportunities for chunk plays, most notably a uniquely designed flea flicker, in which he had to leap up to catch a pitch back from Marshawn Lynch.

The real story today though is what he did on the ground. Nine rushes for 92 yards and three touchdowns doesn't even tell the entire story. Wilson shifted, shook, and shimmied his way through an unimpressive Bills defense over and over again, and will likely find himself on his fair share of sports talk shows this week as a result.

It looked early in this game like the Seahawks were advertising Russell Wilson; putting his obvious, yet always understated (nationally) physical skills on display early and often. The national line on the 'young guns' this last month has been: Andrew Luck is the stud, Robert Griffin is the physical freak, and Russell Wilson is the little urban achiever.

News flash national media: Russell is both a stud and a physical freak. Literally. He is the height of Doug Floutie, has hands larger than Andrew Luck, and athleticism comparable to RG3... FREAKY! Playcalling early in this game did a lot to put our young loverboy's skills in the spotlight, as well as take advantage of a defense that obviously has issues with gap and edge containment.

No Browner and Thurmond and Trufant OH MY!

The defense continues to appear less than dominant but solid all around. The defensive backfield looked great considering the team was playing without Browner, who is on suspension, as well as Walter Thurmond, who played well last week in Browner's absence. Earl Thomas showed up with an interception return that was one of the most brilliant things I've seen all year, and the rookie, Jeremy Lane, looked great in coverage for most of the day.

The front seven had some trouble containing CJ Spiller early, but with the help of some scoreboard separation created by the Hawks offensive consistency, the Bills turned away from using the electric back late... and ultimately found their doom because of it.

If this offense continues to play as well as it is right now, averaging more points that anyone but New England since the midpoint of the season, the defense will continue to play from an elevated position that will make it hard for opponents to overcome.

I'll show you running up the score!

A fake punt run late in the game while up 30 points is sure to draw plenty of criticism from the rest of the world, but fans of the Seahawks should take solace in the kind of killer instinct it shows. Letting off the accelerator is the worst thing anyone can do in a competition of any sort, just ask Chris Ault.

From what I can tell, Pete had two goals going into this ball game, aside from winning, which is the case every week. Show off what is probably the biggest steal in an NFL draft in the last two generations, and remind people that he will run up a score whenever the hell he wants to run up the score.

Check, and check.

On Deck

Depending on what happens tonight in New England, the Seahawks may very well be playing for control of the NFC West next Sunday, and a chance of a home game in the playoffs.

We can all look forward to a long week of trash talking with the 49ers, and confidently so, coming off what was a very sound win today in Toronto.

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