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Bellevue High School football ranked #1 in the nation

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The Wolverines claimed yet another state championship, and they now find themselves ranked No.1 in the country.


Winning state championships has become the norm for the Bellevue High School football program. The Wolverines recently won their 11th state championship, and their 10th since 2001, following an impressive 14-0 season.

Now, Bellevue finds itself as the top-ranked high school football team in the nation, according ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Before BHS can lay claim to high school football's mythical national title, it must wait for a handful of games to be played, particularly state title games in California and Texas involving three of the five teams ranked just behind the Wolverines.

The team ranked directly behind Bellevue in both polls (John Curtis Christian in Louisiana) has also completed its season.

A No. 1 ranking would be icing on the cake for a Bellevue squad whose defense actually scored more points than it surrendered this season.

The final ESPN and Sports Illustrated polls will come out Dec. 24.