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Seahawks to debut all 'Wolf Grey' uniforms Sunday vs. Bills

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When the Seahawks travel to Toronto to play Buffalo, they will bring their newest duds.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacific Northwest has been the home of, let's say, interesting uniform choices from its various teams. From the peppy green of the Supersonics, to the turquoise iterations of the Mariners' uniforms, to the many species of Duck found in Oregon, our Birkenstocked brethren have never let us down. So it comes as no surprise that the Seahawks will don their sixth uniform variation of the year (by my count - all blue, all white, blue-top grey-bottom, blue-top white-bottom, white-top grey-bottom), and now the all-wolf-grey uniform combination for the first time, when they travel to the Rogers Centre to play the Buffalo Bills in Toronto on Sunday.

The Seahawks completely re-designed their unis in 2002, with the move coinciding with the opening of CenturyLink Field and then again over this past offseason, with the help of Nike's product team as the NFL shifted to their products. Variations have been plentiful, most popular/least popular being these memorable lime-green choices. But with the Seahawks first trip to Canada, Seattle will take the opportunity to debut their all-wolf grey attire.

Week 15's game will be the first time the Seahawks have left the country for a regular-season game. The Bills began playing an annual game in Toronto in 2008, with Buffalo 1-3 across the border thus far.