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Seahawks & Bills, 'Gangnam Style' this weekend in Toronto

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In an attempt to get more fans into the Rogers Centre for the Bills-Seahawks game this weekend, Bills officials have invited Park Jae-song to perform as the halftime guest. Jae-song is known for the famous "Gangnam Style" music video which has received almost a billion hits on YouTube.

Rick Stewart

While the thought of seeing the Seahawks and Bills play football might not be all that appealing to fans in Toronto, there is something else which might bring them to the Rogers Centre Sunday afternoon: a halftime performance by Park Jae-song, aka PSY, the man behind the famed "Gangnam Style" YouTube video.

For those who know nothing of Jae-song's, umm, song, it is a popular dance video on YouTube, which has received nearly a billion hits since its release a few months ago. It recently topped Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most popular video on the history of the website.

And for organizers of Sunday's game, a performance by Jae-song at halftime is an attempt to get more fans into the stands at the Rogers Centre, a stadium which seats 54,000 people.

To date, nothing else has worked. This will be the fifth time that the Bills have played in Toronto, but they still have yet to sell out a game north of the border.

Last year an announced crowd of a little over 51,000 in Toronto saw the Bills beat the Washington Redskins 23-0.